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Invest in good photo shoots: A great photographer can add a fortune to your website's business value.

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Photos & Videos: Worth the Investment?

Studies show that the right types of images increase engagement and conversions.

Eyetracking studies by Nielsen Norman Group found that visitors place images on a website into two categories:

Some images are ignored

Stock images
Decorative but irrelevant

Others are appreciated

Images of real people
Detailed product images

Examples of our Amazing Photography

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Stunning Videos Shot and Edited by Artonic

Yes, your visitors can tell if you use professional photography. And it matters to them.

A 2014 study published by the National Press Photography Association (NPPA) found the following:

Download the Whitepaper, "10 Stats about the Value of Photography"

You'll never look at professional photography the same way again.

10 Stats about the Value of Photography

Why include professional images and video on your website?

Because professional images and video lead visitors to convert into customers.

Your visitors enjoy amazing photos and videos.

Professional images invite visitors to linger on and interact with your website. Visitors who stay on a website longer are more likely to convert.

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As a communications service provider, Artonic is designated as an essential business by the State of Michigan. As such, we are fully supporting our clients and new clients during this difficult time. Should you need a banner like this one placed on your website, other website changes, social media announcements made, or product or service marketing performed, we are here to help and are available during our normal business hours of Monday‑Friday, 9am‑5pm. If you are an existing client, you already know how to reach us. If you are a new client, please contact us by phone at 517‑902‑7851, or through the form on the Contact page of our website. Stay healthy and Godspeed!